Drop (drownme) wrote in shared_lucidity,


hi/ i'm rich, or chi chi.. i'm 18, an live near detroit, MI.. lived here all my life.. have been dreaming all my life. some of my most significantly memorable dreams have been while i was awake an never realized i was daydreaming, and often hav to keep waking up several times before i come too where i'm supposed to be??

i write, paint, and read alot. i also dj at underground parties in the metro detroit area, usually UK Hardcore, breakbeat, trance, an dark drum n bass. i'm attending the recording institute of detroit, in eastpoint, MI.. an am due to finish in a couple months.

mos of my dreaming persona and/or being is my way of projekting myself into everything... i often meet people in my dreams, before i meet them in real life. i also recently had a rather unusual encounter with a close friend, where we both had the same dream of each other on the same nite.. i hav a couple astral totems, including a pink wolf, a brite fiery pheonix, an a lite sky blu baby dragon.. i associate myself mostly with saturn because of my ability to condense my chakras into tite rings and in a sense extend myself for long distances without spreading out my self..
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